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My favorite films are ones that make me question my beliefs, or simply blow my mind by their sheer originality. I aim to do both.
-Lili Wexu

As a writer and a producer, I am interested in topics that are controversial and that shed light on the darker corners of our psyches. I believe that by examining our motivations, we are inevitably confronted with our own fears and beliefs, which to me, are are worthy of investigation. I think looking at ourselves in the mirror, no matter how dim the light, is healthy, and important work. I would go so far as to say that I feel it is our duty as a species to observe and to study ourselves; we must learn what holds us back, and what propels us into new, higher levels of consciounsness. If we do not pay close attention, who knows what chaos we could succumb to, or what ecstasy is within our reach. One could say that I take humanity seriously. And I do. That said, I also have a strong penchant for science fiction, which some feel is a frivolity of the mind. Whatever it is, I cannot help it; my mind imagines alternative futures despite me, so I am naturally inclined to use alternate realties to stage my stories on. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride, regardless of your own disposition on controversial topics, or science fiction. -After all curiosity knows no bounds; if we are both curious, at least part of us will be satisfied with having met, despite our personal tastes. Movie making to me can be many things, but a few rules of thumb keep me in check: style or format should never supersede story, points of view should be set aside in favor of candid questioning, art that is authentic in spirit and execution cannot be judged as it is purely subjective, a story should be powerful enough to take us away from the doldrums of our current existence, performance and rhythm are king, and lastly, having worked in audio for years and in the music industry as a parallel career, music and soundtracks are (besides writing), my favorite part of a film. My next productions are set to shoot early next year, and aimed at Sundance, Telluride and TIFF.


    A good story is often the result of some investigation into what is seemingly known and what is utterly unknown.


    The genesis at least, is mostly about listening, and writing really fast. -In my experience, a story often tells itself.


    How can the story be staged, so that its important (occult) aspects can finally have center stage?


    «Insight» and «despite» are my two favorite words. Incidentally, insight often happens accidentally.

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